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Here you will find everything you need to know about the legendary and beloved Bloody Mary. How to make them, how to mix them and how to master them. All courtesy of Bloody Mary, herself.

Bloody Mary's Book of Bloody Marys

Behold! Bloody Mary’s Book of Bloody Marys! Here lies Mary’s coveted collection of cocktail recipes. Mary consulted her court of bartenders, mixologists, and connoisseurs from around the country to ensure that only the most brilliant Bloodies grace the pages of her book.

Sweet and Spicy Bloody Mary - Queen City Style

Queen City Bloody Mary

This coveted cocktail comes from Society member, Rob Kristof of Cincinnati. Sweet, spicy, sour, and salty – this iconic spice blend is a true treat for the taste buds. Enjoy this Mary during game day as a perfect pairing to your chili and good cheer.

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BBQ Bloody Mary - Kansas City Style

Kansas City BBQ Bloody Mary

Behold! A bold, BBQ inspired Bloody that’s sweet and smoky with the perfect amount of heat. Garnished with skewers of BBQ favorites like ribs, cornbread and corn on the cob, this one definitely deserves three cheers.

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Bloody Mary Minneapolis Jucy Lucy - Minneapolis Style

Minneapolis Jucy Lucy Topped Bloody Mary

The Jucy Lucy! Undeniably one of Minneapolis' most glorious contributions to world cuisine. Hence this beautiful Bloody. With ingredients reminiscent of burger toppings and Jucy Lucy skewers for garnish, this Bloody is the Society-approved choice for both quenching your thirst and satisfying your appetite.

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Bloody Mary with Beer - Green Bay Style

Green Bay Bloody Mary

This magnificent creation was inspired by Green Bay's favorite foods. An eclectic mix of German beer and apple cider vinegar is paired with beer bratwurst and cheddar cheese skewers, and then completed with a sweet and smoky sugar rim. A brilliantly delicious brunch all in one glass!

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Bloody Mary Chicago Style

Chicago-Style Bloody Mary

If you're a Chicago-style hotdog appreciator, then it is advised you try this Windy City inspired Bloody. Add yellow mustard, pickle juice and sweet onion for that distinctive Chi-town flavor. Then garnish with sausage skewers or sport peppers to complete the masterpiece.

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Bloody Mary Martini - New York Style

Manhattan Dirty Mary Martini

A lively combination that’s as bold as the city of Manhattan itself. With a glass decorated by a salt mixture reminiscent of an everything bagel, it has big flavor and thus does not require a big garnish. A simple slice of lemon or stuffed olive will most certainly do.

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Bloody Mary with Clam Juice - Boston Style

Boston Bloody Mariner

This beauty puts a New England spin on a frequent brunch time guest. Complete with clam juice, horseradish and garlic, it's tangy, spicy and fittingly garnished with skewers of fried clam strips. Classic Boston cuisine brought to you by the Society!

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Philly Cheesesteak Bloody Mary

Philly Cheesesteak Bloody Mary

A fine combination of two truly adored culinary creations, this cheesesteak inspired Bloody is a masterpiece unlike any other. Add steak sauce and beef broth for authentic Philly flavor, then skewers of beef jerky and peppadew peppers to make it truly unique.

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Fells Point Bloody Mary - Baltimore Style

Fells Point Bloody Mary

This recipe from Society member, John Reusing, is as rich in history as it is in flavor. It is crafted from ingredients that have been enjoyed on the Chesapeake for hundreds of years, including fresh-shucked oysters, Old Bay mix, and Cream of Celery. True Baltimoreans are sure to enjoy.

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Wasabi Bloody Mary - Los Angeles Style

California Roll Bloody Mary

This Bloody pays homage to Japanese cuisine with sake, ginger and wasabi for distinctive flavor. Top with skewers of Asian-inspired bites, like California rolls or vegetable dumplings for an impressively unique Bloody Mary experience.

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Porterluma Beer Bloody Mary

Porterluma® Bloody Mary

During a visit to Petaluma Hills Brewing Company, Mary met founder, JJ Jay, and learned how to make this beautiful, beer lover's Bloody. This Craft-Beer/Bloody Mary hybrid is made with Porterluma®, a full-bodied brown porter with hints of coffee and chocolate. Such a delightful complement to the savory and spice flavors of V8® juices/beverages!

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Mile High Michelada - Mexican Bloody Mary

Mile High Michelada

A Mexican favorite cocktail and a Denver brewed, jalapeño-infused ale turn an ordinary Bloody into work of art. Garnish simply with a stalk of celery. Or opt for indulgence and top with a cheeseburger skewer. Garnish as you please, but don’t ignore this Mary.

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Bourbon Bloody Mary - Bayou Bloody Mary Julep

Bayou Bloody Mary Julep

Surely the ‘Greatest Two Minutes in Sports’ deserves a Bloody just as great. Hence the Bayou Bloody Mary Julep, a smooth combination of bourbon, mint, and sophistication, perfect for race day (or the big race).

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Spicy Hot Bloody Mary - Venomous Miami Mary

Venomous Miami Mary

The society consulted food and beverage connoisseur, Miguel Hernandez of Viceroy Miami for this fiery recipe. The unique drink got its name and flavor from Venom Salt, a blend of all-natural sea salt and Trinidad Scorpion Pepper. But be warned! This Mary boasts more than just a bite.

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Spicy Bloody Mary - Miami Style

Miami Mary

Creative, sassy and full of heat, like Miami itself, this exquisite Mary is mixed with fresh citrus and coconut flavors. A simple garnish of fruit is all that’s necessary to complete this captivatingly spicy cocktail.

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Bloody Mary with Tequila - Texas Style

Tex Mex Bloody Mary

A heavenly explosion of tangy, spicy and savory! Swap out vodka for tequila and enhance with skewers of Tex-Mex classics like roasted serrano peppers or chunks of Cheddar cheese. Simply splendid!

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Pickle Juice Bloody Mary - the Farmers Market Mary

The Farmers Market Mary

Mary’s dear friend Renee Belanger of Bloody Good Bloody's created this masterpiece as a light and refreshing option. The garden veggie infused vodka and locally pickled veggies for garnish make this Bloody perfect for the summertime - or, as Mary says, any time.

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SVEDKA® Grapefruit Bloody Mary

SVEDKA® Bloody Delicious

Mary’s bar is always stocked with SVEDKA’s Grapefruit Jalapeño vodka for this citrusy and spicy Bloody. Do as Mary does and garnish with extra jalapeño for a true thrill.

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Ultimate Bloody Mary Recipe

Ultimate Bloody Mary

The society consulted none other than our friends at OutforBloodies.com for this admirable cocktail. Essentially a meal in a glass, it features copious amounts of your favorite fixings atop what we know you’ll agree is a tasty liquid base. Serve with a beer chaser to experience this Bloody in all its glory.

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Jalapeño Bloody Mary - the Smokin' Mary

Smokin' Mary

We hear Matthew Quigley, Distiller & Founder of Federal Distilling Room confided this Bloody Brilliant recipe to Mary over Bloodies in a dark bar. The esteemed mix of Stateside Urbancraft Vodka is infused with jalapeño peppers, then combined with classic ingredients and freshly squeezed citrus. Bright taste. Smokin' bite. Just the way Mary likes it.

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